"Great Deals on GREAT Voice Over Training! Kickstart
Your VO Career with my VO Black Friday Sale!"

"Great Deals on GREAT Voice Over Training! It's Time for My VO Black Friday Sale!"

If you’re looking to catapult your voice over career to the next level . . .
then this Black Friday special is for you!

Hi, I’m Bill DeWees.

I’ve been recording voice-overs full-time for the past 14 years. My voice over career allows me to enjoy a multiple 6-figure income recording for clients like: Chevrolet, American Express, Microsoft, Warner Bros., NBC Universal, Google, Dell, Staples, PGA Tour, Adidas, Walmart, and many, many others.

As a voice over coach, I teach others the simple strategies and systems that I use day-to-day to achieve that success.

And every year around this time, I like to find a way to give aspiring and existing VO artists a way to really move their business to the next level . . .
and at a huge discount!

This year, I've put together something special . . .

The perfect package to accelerate your VO career . . . 

Containing some of the best training courses I've done over the years . . .
  • VO Playbook – Value: $297
  • ​VO Training Now – Value: $197
  • ​​100 VO Questions – Value: $197
  • ​​VO Income Machine - Value $197
Total Value of this Package is over $800
All together, these programs usually cost close to $900.

But right now you can snag them all for just $297... that's almost 70% OFF!

AND every one of these programs, when you get them, handles a very specific area that you'll need covered to be successful as a VO artist.

I know because I created each program based on exactly that idea.



4 hours of Video Jam-Packed with Immediately Useable Ideas and Systems

Price of This Program Bought Separately: $297 

In this Program You’ll Learn:
  • Building Your Brand: How to attract clients and keep them coming back
  • How to Turn Craigslist into a Goldmine of Opportunity: How to turn 15 minutes a day into thousands of dollars a month!
  • The Power of a Database: Leverage simple strategies to track your clients and prospects and turn them into lifelong customers.
  • And Much, MUCH More: Everything from how to get listed with audio production houses to writing great "ear-catching" commercial copy.
4-session class via. streaming on-demand that covers the 3 key foundations of VO work: Tech, Performance, and Marketing

Price of This Program Bought Separately: $197 

In this Program You’ll Learn:
  • Creating the Perfect Sound: How to find the one place to record that'll give you a virtually perfect sound.
  • The Art of the "Performance": Self-direction and getting the BEST performance out of yourself each and every time.
  • Mastering the Market: Where to find paying VO jobs in the next 24-48 hours, no-cost/low-cost techniques that have landed me 5-figure jobs, and the untold truth about agents and unions
  • Get Started Checklist: You'll also receive this checklist to map out your next steps. Nothing is left to chance!
3 classes: one for even more of the critical areas of your voice over success path: Delivery, Adobe Audition, and the Marketing Wheel

Price of This Program Bought Separately: $197 

In this Program You’ll Learn:
  • How to to Double Your Odds of Winning an Audition: And why "sounding better" is not the key to landing more jobs . . .
  • When You Need (And Don't Need) a VO Website: And why you definitely don't need a CRM or fancy marketing software.
  • Powerful Editing Techniques to Speed Up Your Workflow: How you can use EQ and compression (that you already have) to get that "pro sound"
I’ve accumulated the TOP 100 questions that just about everyone in the VO business needs to know the answer to.

Price of This Program Bought Separately: $197

In this Program You’ll Learn:
  • The Most Important Qualities from a Client's Perspective: And how to leverage them to create the perfect audition.
  • Do You Need a Professional VO Demo?: If so, should you add music or "watermark" it with your logo?
  • Do You Need Acting Lessons to be Successful? And how you can authentically incorporate dialects into your VO work.
  • Making Sure You Get Paid: Don't get caught up in dishonest work! How you can avoid red-flags and ensure you're fairly compensated for your work. 



"Bill DeWees is the Guy Who Knows What Works" 🔥

"In the world of voice overs, Bill DeWees is the guy who knows what works, why it works, when it works and most importantly HOW to work it.

I've worked with 8 other VO mentors, all of whom added something to my mix, but nothing like Bill."

Bruce Lorie

VO Talent/Chicago

"The Rules of the Game Have Changed and Bill Has the Playbook" 🎯

"Even with having great agents and living in a large market, I discovered that the rules of the game have changed and Bill has the playbook for today's marketplace."

Cassie Boyd

VO Talent/LA

"Made More Money in the Last 2 Months Than in the Past Year" 💵

"My VO career didn't start taking off until I started listening to Bill DeWees and implementing his marketing advice.

I have literally made more money in the last 2 months doing voice over, than I made all of last year."

Trevor Jone

VO Talent/LA

"Informative & Credible VO Coaching" 🎙️

"Bill DeWees offers clear, concise, richly informative, and credible voice over coaching in a highly personable manner."

Terry Baddoo

Former CNN News Anchor

"Business Model Makes Sense" 👍

"Bill is easy to work with, patient and I'd recommend his coaching services to anyone entering the voice over business. 

Oh, I have also used his cold calling technique as my most effective tool in gaining clients. His business model makes sense."

Rick Shockley

WINK-FM, Ft. Myers, FL

"Now I Wonder Why I Didn't Do This Earlier" 😂

"I spent about 12 years working in radio (and am now full-time in voice overs). If I didn’t have Bill to help me transition into VO, I don’t know where I’d be! 

He has the tools to make it happen.

Now I wonder why I didn’t do this earlier!"

Erick David

VO Talent


By now, I'm sure you're getting a good idea of how expansive this offer is.

4 programs, hours-upon-hours of great training . . .

A literal "brain-dump" of my industry-knowledge, if you will.

With each program discussing just about everything you'll ever need to know in order to kickstart your VO career and be successful in this industry.

To be honest, It's the type of training I wish I had when I was first started out.

. . . back when I wasn't sure if anything was even working.

. . . I wasn't sure if I was moving at all, let alone in the right direction.

. . . and "going pro" always felt just out of reach.

I'd like to fix that for you.

And give you the training I wish I had starting out.

So, do yourself a favor and click below to get started. You'll be glad you did.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside :-)

Wishing you great success,

Bill DeWees

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